Food & Nutrition

The Truth About Sprouted Grains

When it comes to stuff that just sounds healthy, sprouted grains are right up there with wheatgrass and flaxseed. If you have heard of sprouted grains, it was likely in the context of them being extremely nutritious. “There is a general perception that sprouted products are better for you overall,” Lin Carson, Ph.D., food scientist […]

How CBD Could Help Your Training


There’s No Such Thing as a Mistake-Free Life But Here’s How to Make the Best of Your F*ck-ups

I’ve been writing an advice column for almost 10 years. That column, “Ask a Queer Chick,” covers sex, love, and life for LGBTQ people as well as the straight people who want to support our community. It’s been around since the beginning of 2011 (first for The Hairpin, then for Splinter, and most recently for […]

My Chronic Pain Took Almost a Decade to Diagnose