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Here’s Why I Stopped Making ‘Healthy Swaps’ at Thanksgiving

Here’s the best holiday cooking tip I can possibly give you: No matter how accepting or adventurous your Thanksgiving guests might be, serving a salad of diced sweet potatoes, nuts, and fruit instead of the butter-and-cream-filled (and sugar-topped) sweet potato dish they’ve come to expect isn’t going to be a crowd-pleaser. I know because I’ve […]

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The Conversation About Medical Cannabis I Wish I’d Been Able to Have With My Doctor

Andrea Brooks is the founder and CEO of Sava, an online educational cannabis marketplace based in California. In her spare time she fosters senior dogs, cooks amazing vegan meals, and obsesses over the latest cannabis trends and products. Before my chronic pain I didn’t even like cannabis (marijuana) that much. I thought it was for […]

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